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Testimonials For Classes and Workshops

Here's what attendees had to say about our classes

"Your 'Meditation for Uneasy Hearts' encouraged me to take some time to think about my life and make some necessary physical changes in how I live from day to day. As a result, I believe the year ahead will be a healthier and happier one for me. Thank you." VM, Lane Cove

"Thank you for your great teaching and classes they have proved a catalyst for some wonderful and necessary changes in my life. Kind regards" BC, Riverview

"Uneasy Hearts' is a great introduction to accepting this aspect of ourselves. I found immediate benefits in learning the meditation techniques to gain peace and clarity. I liked your gentle, relaxed style and especially knowing that you gained these skills and wisdom on your own personal journey. Hope to see you again soon" CB, Riverview

"Thanks also for the bubbles - great idea and a lovely way to end our class. Really made me feel joyous!" VA, Riverview