Going Deeper With Crystals

Going Deeper With Crystals

Feeling like you have only touched the tip of the iceberg with the crystals you have?

Explore how to use crystals in more depth - their healing help and expansion potentials. Each workshop will focus on a single type of crystal allowing you to go deeper and wider as the workshop progress. Experience the crystals many layers of healing help, as well as its assistance in your personal, spiritual and psychic development.

A series of half day workshops begin with teacher, Shamarah, guiding you to connect more deeply to the assistance of the crystals.

Through lecture, discussion and exercises shake off patterns and fears that the crystal is the "expert" with and let your potential blossom and your energy expand.

It is intended that at the end of each workshop your confidence in working with crystals has grown, your mind has been fed new insights so it comes on board with the change you want, and that your spiritual path is more certain. If you attend several workshops it is hoped that you also discover your psychic senses have developed too.

Each workshop will have different combinations of guided meditations, psychic development exercises, and other group and individual excercises. Each combination focused on the "best" of what that crystal offers now and into the future.

Who should come

People who do not need “formal” qualification at the end. People who want to add to their skill sets in how they use crystals and how they develop personally and spiritually. Kids over 15 welcome to attend with the adults but there discussion will be at the level of comprehension by adults and assume adult life experiences. We may run kids only classes in the future.

Course Requirements

Pre-requisites: You have been reading crystals books or done a beginners courses as we will not be covering selecting crystals, why they work or how to clean them. Focus is on one crystal per workshop.

Co-requisites: While doing each workshop in order may build skills sets a little easier (Spirit has determined which crystals and which order), it is not mandatory. Each workshop is self-sufficient.

Workshop Dates: details at bottom

WorkshopLength: 3 hours

Location: Crows Nest shop (455 Pacific Highway)

Cost: $110 (adult) $90 (pensioner, concession)

Bring: Comfortable clothes - you are sitting in chairs but may also lay down for some exercises. Yoga mat/towel or blanket. Pad and pen to take notes and for some exercises.

Do not bring: Crystals - these will be provided. Do not wear jewellery.

How Do You Attend

Bookings: Only book on-line at: PLEASE do not ring to book via the shop as the staff don't have access.

Dates: Refer to booking system.

Getting here: Please note that there is 2 hour free parking at several nearby car parks. Afterwards it is $4 for 3rd hours, then $4 for every half hour. On Saturdays parking is free after 12:30 and Sunday free all day - but best parking is in the area - Nicholson St / Hume Street / Laumont St /... rather than outside the shop.

It is cheapest to travel by train or bus!

Note: Wheel chair access. While there is no problem getting into the shop, there are no bathroom facilities suitable except at the Crows Nest Community Centre (5 minutes away).

Workshop Topics and Dates

  1. Rose Quartz Helping You Know Love

  2. Carnelian Finding Your Action In Life

  3. Amethyst Linking You To Your Divine Connection

  4. Smoky Quartz Is The Busy Mind's Friend

  5. Emerald Anchoring Infinite Patience

  6. Celestite Bringing In Your Enlightened Communication

  7. Clear Quartz Raising You To Higher Consciousness