Fun With Gridding Workshops

Fun with Gridding

Due to huge number of requests I am developing a workshop about gridding with crystals based on my own channeled knowledge, feedback from customers and research.

In order to make this you MUST have attended "Discover Crystals, Energy and Spirituality" workshop by Shamarah or an equivalent two to three day course with other companies as the detail will require good knowledge of crystals, energy and spiritual concepts.

Gridding with crystals is a specialised technique for healing and expansion, protection and spirit release, creating portals and fixing vortices. You can use it for you, your home, your land, your business and for group events.

Benefits are that you can get a great energy effect from a cheaper cost in crystals. Great way to utilatse the umpteen tumbles you may have bought when you started with crystals and no longer use.

We will discuss are range of topics including types of grids, creating them and ramping them up, leylines, feng shui, codes, Angels, Guides and Ascended Masters among other energy and apiritual concepts..

There will be several exercises where you will create grids for different situations including grids you will lay in to experience the power of grids.

Come and share your experiences with like-minded people!

Workshop length: 4 hours

Pre-requisite: Discover Crystal, Energy and Spirituality Workshop or equivalent knowledge.

You will receive: Handout, Crystals and Attendance Certificate

Cost: $ 175 (adult) $160 (pensioner, concession) - GST included. Early bird discounts may apply.

Location: Crows Nest shop (455 Pacific Highway Crows Nest)

Group Size: Most will be a small group of 4 or 6 but can accommodate up to 8. If you can organise a group of 4 or more we can look for a special day(s) to suit your group.

Bring: Comfortable clothes - you are sitting in chairs or on the floor if that suits you. Bring a yoga mat or towel as some exercises need you to lay down. There will be bending to create grids on the floor.

Do NOT bring: Crystals - these will be provided

Attendees: Adults.

Dates and to Book Here: New schedule for 2020 coming

Getting here and parking: Click for Details

Other information you need to know: Enrolment and Cancellation Information