Web Buyer - Be Advised

January 3 - 8

Orders (except for gift certificates) may be slower to be processed as we are moving the processing to where it can be done Tuesday-Sunday. 

Also Paypal is not working properly with this old site - the address information looks like it is corrupted. However it is not corrupted.

All is ok. Paypal won't help me fix it like they did in the past and with a new website there's no point hiring an expert.

September 2018

The new website has been corrupted again with the latest upgrades ...so I will be loading new stock back on old web during from the 24t. I have no idea what the Universe has been trying to teach me other than incompetance of the modern outsourced IT but how that relates to me - beats me as I was really good at IT in my time.

To ease the problem for you, please ring St Leonards if you want things you can't find on the website. We can intuit for you, send photos of stock we have and raise a Paypal Invoice for you to pay (you don't need a paypal account) or pay MOTO over the phone. St Leonards can organize the "via-the-shop" bought items to be sent Tuesday - Friday if payment is done by 4pm. We are a retail shop so we may not be able to speak immediately in detail about what you are after if we have customers. but we'll take your number and call you back

Thanks for your understanding,

Shamarah and Graham