Due to COVID-19 and the large drop in people going out to shop, its quiet so our hours may change from week to week as we do other projects. Our Google listings are the most accurate way to see each day our opening hours:

Newtown: google listing

Crows Nest: google listing

Castle Hill - is now permanently CLOSED

We are spraying and wiping using alchohol based sanitsers with eucayputs oil, the doors, terminals, desks, crystals and so on. If you hand us cash we will be sanitising it.

There is hand santisier dispensers for you to pump and cleanse your hands while you visit. We will enforce the 1.5 m social distance rule to the best of our ability and that may include asking people to move to another shelf away from others for selecting crystals temporarily or requesting you leave if you seem ill.

We are grateful to all who come in and buy these wonderful crystal friends. Please join our Newsletter to get more updates and support messages at these challenging times - I will do some free services for those who are unemployed by events if we are shut down. You support helps not only Christina, Graham and I, but the community with keeping money flowing.

If we get closed down, then we still offer purchasing via website (which will finally move to version as we will have time!) or a phone number to phone and exchange photos etc.

We are looking to update to newer website, do workshops on-line, ... so join the Newsletter or Facebook for updates.

If you are already worried about coming in or are in isolation, phone 0490 685 033 and we will organise a time for us to discuss you needs. We will offer this as a free service unless we discover people abusing the service (yes there are people who do).

Namaste Shamarah