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Numerology Readings

Profile: Peter Carlini - Numerologist

I've graduated with a Bachelors in Electrical Engineering and have always had an interest in Numerology and Crystals. While studying and using Numerology, I discovered that its the analytical study of our unique Energy Bodies which allow us to think and feel in a certain way.

Each number represents a vibration, just like each note in music represents a particular sound. When all these notes work together, we get a musical symphony - which is unique to each and every one of us. Understanding our personal symphony helps us understand ourselves more. And as we grow spiritually our symphony sounds better and better.

Most successful people are naturally in sync with their own symphony (whether they know it or not!) and are able to live more fulfilling lives. Crystals also have numerology based on their names and so it’s another indicator as to why they play an important part in helping us create the symphony we want.

My services are to help you discover:

- Your purpose for being here

- Your abilities and potential career

- What motivates you to get out there do things

- Your strengths and challenges


  • Next dates to book are Saturday 23rd September and Sunday 8th October
  • From 10am, last booking 2:30pm.
  • Session length 35 mins allowing for questions
  • Bookings (02) 8068 2668
  • payment at time of booking

* * * Introductory offer $45 * * *


"A great reading that was very thorough!" Justine (TRCS customer)