New Location

January - Until we find our ongoing retail space at Castle Hill, we will once again open "the warehouse" to our customers in 2018 a few days a week once we return from our buying trip.

February - At the moment we are adding additional shelving so better display and range of stock is available. We are also improving lighting.

Once we are properly up and running, people in the North-west district get quicker access to our range of beautiful crystals rather than the half hour trip to St Leonards or buying on-line. All stock will be priced at our normal retail prices.

For buyers new to The Rock Crystal Shop crystals: The range includes natural crystals, polished crystals and crystal jewellery - a selection across a range of shapes and budgets. There will be also some crystal books and a good range of tarot/oracle cards.

EFTPOS facilities will be available - Savings, Visa, Mastercard, China Union.

Open Days

  • Now that Christmas is over we will notify via this page as to when we re open regularly in 2018. Also Bing Business and Google My Business searches will reflect the opening hours.
  • For the moment, ring to make an appointment.

Address of our "warehouse"

Unit 2 / 44 Carrington Road

Castle Hill (Industrial area)

Please park in spots maked "2" and Visitor.

Phone enquiries - 0490 685 033.

You will get access to a very big range of Amethyst and Citrine caves ($600+) which may also interest our broader base of customers who normally visit St Leonards and Newtown. Smaller caves are mainly at St Leonards.

If you want to best selection of silver set jewellery - a trip to St Leonards is the best option.