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Hi there customers,

You will also see some bigger than normal discounts throughout the website like bismuth, dolomite animals, caves, silver jewellery ... and in our physical shops.

And for on-line buyers starting now from BLACK FRIDAY until 20th Christmas we will also reduce your shipping costs.

We are trialling the following.

Enter coupon Ship6 when going through Checkout if you are asked to pay for shipping.

Or, if you spend over $100+GST, its free shipping ... small items up to 3 kg in weight. This is the first time I have tried this option. However, as we have a stock that can in fact weigh a lot more, or be very large, we may have to ask for shipping payment if order exceeds small parcel size. We will assess the profit vs loss on our end to determine how much shipping cost we can absorb. We do NOT bump up our prices to then give you "free shipping" which some sites do.

Delivery considerations

Play safe and do your orders early. It is the internet so you can buy 24 hours a day!

  • Ensure you request delivery to a safe area. We will be paying for insurance over Christmas but that is null and void if you ask for it to be "left at the door". Maybe get delivery to your work or stay-at-home relative.
  • Or buy a gift voucher online - I can process these and email them on Sun 24th till 6pm. Make doubly sure your email address and mobile phone is correct.
  • Or warn your recipient there gift may not quite reach them before Christmas if you order late.

We can in theory do order processing up to and including Thursday 19th. We need Friday 20th to get to the Post Office to post! Post Office doesn't send Saturday 21st. Sendle also warns that there can be delays,

However you / your recipient getting it in time will depend on the following factors:

  • Your payment being received - this means cleared funds if you direct deposit or go to a bank to transfer .... phone and do card over phone may be easier.
  • Australia Post Offices opening hours
  • Australia Post getting the orders delivered - we are only offering Express Post delivery this month but that's still no guarantee of next day delivery by Australia Post read their website - but it wasn't great last year.
  • Paypal website does not have problems telling us you paid
  • ... Or other unexpected problem that we need to ring you about

Most of the exact stock you see is only available for web purchase. Some large or rare specimens is marked "see at Newtown" / "see at St Leonards", But most of the range you will find similar pieces at the shops and fairs but not the exact website piece.

You may also want to ring us to confirm what's in stock if you are coming a long way. However no one is ever disappointed even if first preference has already gone.

Thanks for your understanding. Fingers crossed that 2018 is at long last when we can a mobile friendly version.

Merry Christmas,

cheers Shamarah and Graham