Be Aware - Website Buyers

Web Changes

We have moved our website stock to a new location from which orders will be processed Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday (mean Post office sends Monday) and most Fridays.

We are also starting to set up the new mobile-friendly website at long last with web stock as Google is about to "de-search" our old website. It won't be pretty or have a lot of range when it first goes live, but hold on - we will get there. The old website is having some stock transferred over to speed things up.

Also Paypal is not working properly with this old site - the address information looks like it is corrupted - it is not - all is ok.

After May 30, to ease the problem for you, please ring St Leonards if you want things you can't find on the website. We can intuit for you, send photos of stock we have and raise a Paypal Invoice for you to pay (you don't need a paypal account) or pay MOTO over the phone. St Leonards can organize the "via-the-shop" bought items to be sent Tuesday - Friday if payment is done by 4pm. We are a retail shop so we may not be able to speak immediately in detail about what you are after if we have customers. but we'll take your number and call you back

Thanks for your understanding,

Shamarah and Graham