Attention Website Buyers

March 21

We are moving our website stock location over the next few days. It may slow down when we are able to get your order out.

March 14 2018


I have been focused on uploading stock ready for 2018 purchases to this website so there is a better selection and better reflects the bigger range at our Newtown, St Leonards and Castle Hill stores. If you can't find something specific - ring and we can always send photos and you can buy over the phone and/or add to the rest of your order.

Most of the exact stock you see is only available for web purchase. Some large or rare specimens is marked "see at Newtown" / "see at St Leonards", But most of the range you will find similar pieces at the shops and fairs but not the exact website piece.

You may also want to ring us to confirm what's in stock if you are coming a long way. However no one is ever disappointed even if first preference has already gone.

Thanks for your understanding. Fingers crossed that in June 2018 is at long last when we can a mobile friendly version with wonderful features like wishlist finally on offer.

We also decided to continue with reducing postage costs to below what Australia Post charges to help you get the treasures you want.

cheers Shamarah and Graham