Past Life Journey Therapy

Want to directly experience guidance from your angels, guides and Higher Self?

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Come and experience yourself going on an inner journey of self, Shamanic-style, to learn and to clear events in your life that your Guides and Ascended Masters know you are ready to let go. It is different to other healing styles in that it offers you the "self-experience" of being connected to your spirit guides, past lives and . . . !

Rebirth through past life healing

With Crystal Dreaming you may travel into the depths of your being and there find true happiness and peace.

Once experienced your life will never be the same again. Doorways previously locked will open - all you need is the courage to step into the unknown and discover the truth and beauty of who you really are. Crystal Dreaming allows you to guide this exploration of the inner plane, with a heightened awareness of reality, in a safe and nurturing environment.

The focus of Crystal Dreaming is to empower anyone to diagnose and treat themselves of any imbalance on any level. It will implement positive life changes from knowledge you personally receive from the spirit realm. You will be guided how to release any blockages or limitations, cellular memories, past or present life trauma negative energies or entities or any aspect of your being that requires more love and understanding. You will enter into a new and wonderful world with love and respect for who you are.

There is absolutely nothing to fear in delving into one's inner beingness for there is only truth and radiant beauty to be found there The path that Crystal Dreaming opens will lead you inward to your source of power through a safe transformational journey. You may meet your higher self, spirit guides, spiritual teachers, Ascended Masters and other highly evolved beings of light.

I am with you the whole session to help you with what you experience. I take you you step by step through how to connect to your lives, how to release the karma of old stories affecting you, how to sending healing energies to your body that was holding the old limiting patterns and how to connect to your guides.

Examples of what people have cleared

Benefits people have experienced

  • Removal of the fear of policemen and people in authority by finding and then clearing a painful childhood memory.
  • Reduction of the pain, anger and sabotaging mental thoughts around relationship by uncovering forgotten teenage abuse so so they felt freer in spirit;
  • Discovering life times of doing wonderful work in the community so doubts about doing the same could dissolve;
  • Reduced anxiety to stepping up to doing deeper spiritual work by uncovering failure & judgement by peers in past lives that were forgiven and healed;
  • Feeling own personal connection to the Angels and Masters so dis-belief in the reality of being more than who were are could wash away the hurt of the past and allow a beautiful heart opening.
  • Stopping the re-occurrence of debilitating headaches dying in war from bombs was discovered, understood and forgiven;
  • Reduction & even dissipation of guilt and worry about what others were saying when client wanted to move in a non-conventional direction including past life stories involving those in judgement;
  • Removal of unexplainable panic of being locked in by clearing past life story of the Fire of London.

The Crystal Dreaming technique was developed by Crystal Master Raym.