Healing Services

Our Healing Services

Assisting you with understanding, acceptance and nurturing. And onwards to helping you to create a successful life!

Intuitive Energy Healing with Sound, Past Life and other Insights

This is a fully channelled healing with higher frequencies, movement, insights and sound from the Our Healing Team, Which includes Angels, Enlightened Masters and Divine Presences. The work is done beyond just the main chakras and the Auric energy bodues. This is particularly amazing for spiritual aspirants and light workers who have already done a lot of healing of the seven primary chakra / energy bodies. It often includes past life and ancestral insights which are also cleared and upgraded to better vibrations too. Bring a phone as many sessions are worth doing (back at your home) several times to maximise your growth. Session cost is $100.

Heal and Bless Your Home or Office

Together we can help shift out old and bring in new energies to support you. TO keep costs down, I channel information at the shop to what is affecting the energies - which can be a surprising range of "things". And you receive the information about the crystals, placements and other techniques needed to create the healthy space you want. Sessions at $55 per half hour although that is refundable if you make a large crystal purchase.

Alternatively, or in addition to the above therapies, if you know or feel that you would benefit from using crystals at home or in the workplace to support you, we can assist you to find the right crystals to match your needs.

Location: Sessions are at Crows Nest Wednesday to Sunday.

Benefits people have experienced

  • Release of old energy and disconnection that was causing chronic fatigue or depression coming from stagnant family patterns about how life should be lived. From this release then comes a refilling of the body's internal "batteries";
  • Cleansing of thought patterns and wounds that caused low confidence, poor self esteem and even suicidal feelings. This also brought acceptance and appreciation of themselves;
  • Reduction of the pain, anger and sabotaging mental thoughts around abuse so they felt freer in spirit;
  • Release of unconscious beliefs, emotional wounds and sabotaging patterns that blocked financial and romantic success, leading to significantly less back pain;
  • Reduction and even dissipation of guilt and worry about what others were saying when the client wanted to move in a non-conventional direction, including past life stories involving those in judgement.
  • People notice that there is more harmony in the home and no sense of "something is there that shouldn't be".
  • Clients have had unexpected lovely experiences during or after the sessions, re-discovering themselves as they feel their energy lighten and fill again. They also then enjoyed reporting back how their relationships with others are transformed.

About Me

I am Shamarah and I have been working consciously with energies and the path of Light for over ten years. My intent as a practitioner is to give you the opportunity to feel safe, supported and understood during a session so that you can release old stories of your life that have placed limits on achieving what your heart truly wants.

My training as an energy healer began ten years ago - and I focused firstly with healing myself. As I understood how my life had unfolded from my thoughts, beliefs, family patterns and stuck energies and the joy of shifting all of these to create a clearing, happier path, I started healing others too.

Now I offer you support so you can create the life you want through three therapy styles. These have worked wonderfully for me which is why I learnt them, to offer you the same graceful opportunity for heart felt change.

You will receive insights and perspectives as part of the session as the mind will often not let go of old thought patterns until it understands the "why" of how a limitation came to be. And once that occurs the heart and mind come together to accept, forgive and let go... so peace and harmony can come in.