EASE Flow Form Healing Therapy

Let the Healing Masters and Angels work with sound, energy and crystals to free you from the past and expand you for your future.

EASE Healing Therapy

The statistical probability that organic structures and the most precisely harmonised reactions that typify living organisms would be generated by accident, is zero.
Ilya Prigogine

Recipient of two Nobel Prizes


This therapy utilises high frequency energy being channelled to cleanse physical, emotional, mental and spiritual blockages. These are physical and consciousness limitations that are cleaned away.

Depending on the session type these frequencies are known as Pranic (Earth, Moon, Sun and beyond), Christ Light and Plasma. And it helps the organs, meridian, antakarana, chakras and cells to be repaired, cleansed and ready to receive more love and light.

The intention is to bring the wounded Soul and disconnected Spirit back into comfort and harmony with the physical body. And this occurs through clearing limiting personal, genetic and past life patterns and energy blocks.

It can really kick start the inner core energy (your life battery) to flow again which is great after depression, chronic fatigue or general burn out of the adrenals..

At the end of the session there will just be a brief counselling to guide you on any areas of your life where extra attention at this time would clear barriers you are living within and do it more easily than before as the energy is there in you to support it.

What people have experienced from the session:

  • Cleansing of thoughts patterns and wounds that made caused low confidence, poor self esteem and even feel suicidal. And bringing in acceptance & appreciation of themselves;
  • Release of old energy and disconnection from the Earth causing depression coming from stagnant family patterns about how life should be lived. And then refilling the body's internal "batteries";
  • Unlocking of mental patterns that created addictions and implementing new patterns to support a healthier lifestyle;
  • Cleared fear, judgement and unhappiness about impending motherhood so the rest of the pregnancy was welcoming and joyful;
  • Release of unconscious beliefs, emotional wounds and sabotage patterns that blocked financial and romantic success leading to significantly less back pain;
  • Acceptance & forgiveness around why they were direction-less so the fears, thoughts and sabotage patterns could lift and they re-connected to what made their heart sing and move forward to do it.

This therapy works best as a program of about 10 session so that all levels of the Flow-form can release patterns through all levels: physical, mental, emotional and spiritual over a period of months so you have time to let the changes occur gracefully while you learn to create your life from a new state of mind and being. This is similar to the recommendations from an acupuncturist, osteopath or chiropractor.