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Tourmaline in Smoky Quartz

Wonderful double terminated Smoky Quartz from Brazil, with one end covered and pentetrated by tourmaline - the largest cylinder is a dark green. Unusually dark smokey for a Brazilian crystal This point grew up against calcite? or clay? which has since washed away so it is extra powerful in being an interference formation. I have had great break throughs when an interference quartz I have goes under the healing table (at right timing of course). Also always you to put water in the cave and do "seeing".

Healing Properties of Tourmaline - Green (Verdelite)

Teaches the holder to "see with the heart" - good to bring compassion into masculine energy. Attracts inspiration to diminish fear enhancing understanding & self-confidence. Brings harmony to the heart to create flow of wholesome energy to all parts of self. Balances 3rd eye & heart to improve visualization & inspires creativity. Helps attract success & abundance. Use for psychic & energetic protection if very sensitive. Helps learning of plant-based studies. Said to help immune system.

Healing Properties of Tourmalinated Quartz

Combines the properties of clear quartz with that of Tourmaline. Aids in adjusting imbalances throughout the bodies. Assists in eliminating destructive patterns of behaviour, in nature or in ones own life. Allows an atmosphere conductive to problem solving. 

Healing Properties of Smoky Quartz

Stone of protection - strong link to Earth. Aids channelling, alleviates nightmares and dream awareness abilities. Gentle neutraliser of negativity helping with elimination and detoxification on all levels bringing in positivity. Relieves fear (of failure, etc) lifts depression or suicidal tendencies and brings emotional calmness. Great for meditation. Assists you to accept your physical and sexual nature so assists passion to flow naturally. More about smoky quartz.

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