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Serpentine D/T Pendants - silver

Success in going travelling to buy. Found these Serpentine pendants with double terminated crystals in full 925 silver setting. This is a lime green colour and is so vibrant that you heart can't help being cheered up!

Usual case of buyer beware - I thought I was buying from a trusted Chinese source - but nope they were selling as Chrysoprase as they can get a premium price ... and then I didmy checks and realise its not - I have since re-labelled those in the shops. Hence the discount. Still wonderful energy and you can't help but find your spirit uplifted just looking at their happy colours.

The double termination ramps up the energy so even these small pieces have a big effect. Serpentine is actually the sister stone to nephrite jade.Can see at shops and fairs.

Healing properties of Serpentine

Connects with Nature to bring peace and joy through connection. Awakening of higher brain function to guide reptilian brain. Helps you feel more in control of your life, fixing emotional and mental imbalances. Opens psychic abilities and help you to understand the spiritual basis of life. Clears cloudy chakras, allowing natural, healthy flow and helps raise Kundalini energy. Helps release fear of change and to embrace transformation – so can also aid proper relaxation and sleep. Enables absorption and use of prana in body. 

Pisces; Taurus; Virgo; Scorpio
Throat; Heart; Heart Seed; Solar Plexus
47 mm
10 mm
10 mm
4 g

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