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Selenite Polished Horns - White, Peach

These selenite horns have been coloured peach or tangerine naturally. There is also natural translucent white available. And then shaped beautifully by man. Boys LOVE them - they describe them as dinosaur teeth! The photoshows one I have in the shop - its been touched a lot - yours will look better. Dimensions may vary +/- 5%.3

As we also have them in white - you can buy one of each colour for yourself or one of each for twins or different friends. They are much admire at markets although boys call them "teeth".

Recently I experienced a major release of energy when a friend in the middle of the healing she was doing on me felt drawn to have me hold one which just arrived at the door by courier. I feel very supported as I let go what was jammed in my energy - my soul recognised its help and the healing session continued and completed with me feeling reconnected on all levels and ready to move forward gently again.

Peach Selenite or Tangerine Selenite Healing Properties

Has properties of White Selenite plus: A stone of luck. Assists the moulding of ones character towards the ideals of growth and improvement. Eliminates stagnation and progression is strengthened. Can help sustain self if life is moving too quickly. Great for a medicine wheel.

Healing Properties of White Selenite

Enhances clarity of mind and concentration. Expands ones awareness of self and surroundings. Positive affect on the brain. Soothes the nerves and enhances the willpower. Strengthens bones and teeth. A must for healers as helps bring in their higher energy while healing and meditating. More about selenite.

Read more about selenite.

Soul Star; Crown; Brow-Third Eye; Earth Star
50 mm
50 mm
120 mm
380 g