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Hemimorphite Specimen

Beautiful blue Hemimorphite with completely different at front to back. Lots of intermingled layers with matrix.So you can have fun cave-gazing! Blue at the front is a very different blue to the top/back so energetically you will get very different healing sessions depending on which side you face to you. I actually found this hemimorphite looks best propped up with an iron stand so have included the option to buy it.

The matrix on which it grows adds the Base chakra which is great as it aids more of the change to to ground through you. Crystal is from Yun Nan, China. It is viewable at Newtown. We have other hemimorphite at our shops. Discount as we have new stock coming.

Healing Properties of Hemimorphite

Helps release hostility and anger soothing emotional irritations and helping you understand. Use to decrease self-centredness and to help you go into an ego less state. Helps you take responsibility for happiness or unhappiness when creating your own reality. Aids self-esteem by helping you be honest in the reality of your relationships with others. Helps you to grow simultaneously on all levels of existence & encourages you to develop your inner strengths and resources and so create a joyous creative life. May aid in treatment of disorders of the blood and cells and in support for dieting, body maintenance, shape and agility. More about the properties of hemimorphite.

Brow-Third Eye; Throat; Thymus; Solar Plexus; Base-Root
100 mm
73 mm
49 mm
148 g

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