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Peach/Orange Aventurine Bracelet 10mm 14mm Regular Wrist

I have become a huge fan of this Orange Aventurine and mainly wear it as a bracelet. Why? The number of times it has helped pull me out of a head going .. What? Why? How? But Why? How? But What? Whether it be a serious spinning where I can't get a thought in edge-wise or just a minor nag of thoughts, my personal orange aventurine bracelet has got that head quiet and emotionally I calm down. Then of course actual answers have a chance to come in :-) It is an earthy orange and I find it works visually quite subtly on my wrist depite the fact I am definately not an orange person. Then again for a head out of control - who cares! And I can see why it works for me - the head spins have been around self-consiousness and duress. Orange aventurine gets the job done for me. We are doing a CLEARANCE SALE on the 14mm (3x the crystal power of 10mm) via website! We do not have 14mm at the shops anymore.

Healing Properties of Orange Aventurine (Peach Aventurine)

Stone of positivity and of prosperity. Helps you see and work with alternatives and possibilities especially in other people, acceptance of their “alien” behaviour, aiding connection. Links the intellectual and emotional to release self-consciousness, chronic worrying and obsessive behaviour (mental spins) e.g. stabilizing so better leadership when under duress. Increases motivation. Perseverance in strong challenges. Helps you market yourself. Enhances “the pioneering spirit”. May aid digestion, urinary and intestines.

Aries; Taurus; Leo; Virgo
Heart; Solar Plexus; Sacral
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