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Shungite Tumbles - Medium

More of the ever "prtect from EMFs etc" shungite. These shungite tumbles are a nice size to hold and fit easily into hemp necklaces - buy two. If you are wanting to place between you and the computer I "receive" that three of this size are a minimum. Check within youself as to this. Note: These are too big to go in a water bottle (unless the whole top comes off). Buy the book to see the healing properties and what test done to prove that Shungite is more effective than tourmaline at protecting the aura from electro-magnetite pollution. I always am guided to recommend 3x$10.50 or more and 4x$6.50/8.50 or more if you are going to have an effective barrier against PCs, phone etc at your desk so buy mulitples and get a discount.

Healing Properties of Shungite

Highly concentrated carbon. More than 2 billion years old before organic matter existed. Maybe from meteorite hit that may have created life on Earth. Contains almost all minerals in the periodic table. Profoundly earthy & anti-geopathic stone. Clears out mental & emotional pollutants so fresh patterns can imprint. Transforms water into biologically active life-enhancing substance said to absorb anything hazardous to health - pesticides, free radicals, EMF emissions etc. Powerful aid to immune system. More about the properties of shungite.

25 mm
29 mm
19 mm
23 g

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