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Amber - Natural Tumbled

Look what I found - wonderful large lumps of natural amber! Dark tones. You can easily see that these seem to have been literally picked up in the fine sands of Indonesia and there is a lingering smell of the ocean with them. Dimensions are +/_ 5% of stated and we will pick from stock one that feels right for your needs. Hold them upto the light and see their golden glow.

"Looking at the pictures ours would seem Sumatra and Kalimantan (Borneo) amber. "Fossil resin in Indonesia are Early Miocene in age eg. 23 Ma and some are younger, depend on the lignite age." Photo of polished speciman from with additional info:

Healing Properties of Amber

Fossiled tree sap. Wear when feeling vulnerable and stressed for protection while you remain open and receptive. Absorbs then transmutes negative energies – wear if injured or sick as it activates life force, emotional well-being, strength and security to aid recovery. Releases fear of judgement. Brings inner warmth and nurture to your life, aiding you to feel sunny, trusting, confident, and respectful. Activates inner capacity and freedom to manifest well-being and prosperity. Said to aid digestive system, liver, joints.

Aquarius; Aries; Gemini; Virgo; Scorpio
Crown; Brow-Third Eye; Heart Seed; Solar Plexus; Hara-Navel; Earth Star
55 mm
43 mm
28 mm
33 g

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