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Goniatite Marine Animal - Fossil

Fascinating how once alive, disappears from sight for 40 million years - to re-emge beautiful once polished ... and its ancestors still live. Goniatite from Morocco. We have one customer who loves buying these for his friends - 'they are now fossils!' :-) This is one of our best quality - no obvious 'cracked and re-healed'. It has been priced down to help it sell.

Goniatite – Geology

Goniatites are extinctammonoids, shelled cephalopods related to squid, octopus, and belemnites that form the order Goniatitida. The Gonatitida first appear some 390 million years ago. Surviving the Late Devonian extinction, goniatitids flourished during the Carboniferous and Permian only to become extinct at the end of the Permian some 251.4 million years ago.

The goniatites all possessed an external shell, which is divided internally into chambers. The animal lived in the largest of the external chambers, and the internal chambers would have been filled with gas, making the animal buoyant in the water. The general structure of the goniatites would have been similar to that of their relatives the ammonites, being a free swimming animal possessing a head with two well developed eyes and arms (or tentacles).

Solar Plexus; Hara-Navel; Link
110 mm
90 mm
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