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Opalised Ammonite Half - Large

These larger fossilised Ammonites from Madagascar are the most beautiful of all marine snail fossils. They seem younger than others that we have in store as they are in a clay-sandstone type layer which has not turned hard like the Moroccan ones we have. You can actually see quartz druzy in the open chambers. Some chambers have been filled with sediment due to cracks in the shell from earth movements. The back shows a wonderful lot of red opal flashes. Being more delicate I suspect Cretaceous period rather than earlier ages.

We sell lots of the small opalised ammonties at markets to fossil lovers would love to have a big fossil like this. They are split in half and polished to see the inner and out world of ammonites. This larger half  is for display on a table or shelf. Definitely makes an impressive gift and we often sell then as "gift for my dad". Smaller, high quality ammonites now back in stock at St Leonards July 2015.

Healing Properties of Fossils - Ammonites, Orthoceras, ...

Stone of good luck. Encourages ones survival instincts & is incredibly grounding. Provides for insight & it helps assist one in seeing the ‘whole picture’ & stop repeating mistakes. Believed to ease birthing pains & bring relaxation. Handy for building a new business from small beginnings. May alleviate problems with genetically transmitted diseases, relieve chronic cramps & child birth pain. More about the healing properties of ammonites.

Soul Star; Solar Plexus; Hara-Navel; Base-Root; Link; Earth Star
139 mm
116 mm
17 mm
274 g