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Shungite Cross Pendant

I have just had a wonderful time researching this amazing shungite pieces. new to stores there is not much out there yet. Quite easy to overlook. I occasional find myself wearing the reassuring energy of these crystals. And being an adult sized dark grey-black cross, it sells well at the markets so here's one for the Internet buyers. Let alone healers wanting to try a "wonder stone" for themselves, young geologist will love owning something that is 2 billions year old - from before life began on Earth!

Shungite Cross without silver top is 41x30x7mm. We bought too many hence spot "big sale". They are also at shops and markets.

Shungite Healing Properties

New wonder healing and protection stone. Highly concentrated carbon. More than 2 billion years old before organic matter existed. Maybe from meteorite hit that may have created life on Earth. Contains almost all minerals in the periodic table. Profoundly earthy & anti-geopathic stone. Concentrates & restores everything that is useful. Clears out mental & emotional pollutants so fresh patterns can in print. Transforms water into biologically active life-enhancing substance said to absorb anything hazardous to health - pesticides, free radicals, EMF emissions etc. Powerful aid to immune system. More about the properties of shungite.

Sacral; Base-Root; Earth Star
48 mm
30 mm
7 mm
6 g

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