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Shungite Gallet

Shungite is unique - only one deposit in Russia and shungite is a must to your collection. I can't get wands any more but supply appeared of these beautiful large tumbles. Soooooo lovely to hold - you feel it nurture. Consider massaging with it moving gently across the body should do the trick of this shungite's energetic help.

Shungite is a crystal where scientific test have actually been done to PROVE its ability to keep your body safe from PC and mobile electro-magnetic inteference, much more effectively than tourmaline - there is a book written about it.  Note over time even the polished pieces do give off black and loose their sheen if you hold and wear it from the chemicals of cleansers and perfumes etc. We have others like this in the shops.

Healing Properties of Shungite

New wonder healing stone. Said to kill and absorb everything that does harm to people and living organisms. Concentrates and restores everything that is useful. Composed of more than 98% carbon and is more than 2 billion years old. More about the properties of shungite.

Sacral; Base-Root; Earth Star
68 mm
49 mm
44 mm
194 g

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