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Left - Jet $22.00
Right - Tourmaline $27.00
Middle $25.00

Jet, Black Tourmaline Bracelets - Nugget

I bought Jet, which is a petrified wood, to expand the fossil range at the market. On the left / top of the photos is a black jet bracelet in nugget form. Jet is surprisingly light and so people not in the know think its man made as its also very consistent in colour. Often you find a little pyrite in it - proving it is NOT man made!! Use photo as guide to the bracelet (dimensions below are for packaging).

Another crystal that looks very similar (but the typical weight of crystals) is black toumaline. It looks almost identical to the jet but the typical little cracks/inclusions of black tourmaline. This appears on the right / bottom of the photos. In the middle is black tourmaline needles inside quartz. Adds a ying/yang light/dark element to a proecting bracelet.

The nugget bracelet in jet suits a smaller wrist (a person who like 17cm bracelets) - my average sized wrist finds these too tight. The new black tourmaline and black tourmaline in quartz, fit me nicely. NOTE: the new supply of Black Tourmaline is same bead size as the Jet and Tourmalated Quartz.

Healing properties of Jet (Black Amber, Lignite, Gem Lignite)

Purification of energy and vibrations to bring about protection on many levels. A powerful protector against psychic attacks, sickness. Protective to finances and business and brings stability to them. Should be cleared / cleansed fully after each use so ready to work with you again. Kind to people in difficulty and fear and has a very calming energy and release delusions. Purifies the vibration of the information coming in so good for clairaudience, spiritual quests, spiritual advancement, etc May assist with migraines, colds, lymphatic problems, clinical depression, liver, kidney and glandular problems.

More geological information on jet:

Healing Properties of Tourmaline - Black (Schorl, Aphrizite)

Repels and protects against negativity - helps you with "doom & gloom" situations. Attracts inspiration and aligns mental processes. Diminishes fear by promoting understanding and encourages self confidence. Increases one's physical vitality, emotional stability and intellectual acuity. Cleanses, purifies and transforms dense energy into light good for pain relief. More about black tourmaline.

25 mm
70 mm
15 mm
60 g