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Buy affordable crystals, beautifully energised!

We have the widest range of crystals in Sydney and possibly of any Australian crystal shop! Buy healing crystals for your personal use, to captivate your geological interest, to decorate your home. Give as gifts of support to others. Consider giving support at the office or at school! Explore our great natural crystal gallery of photos, read our crystals healing properties descriptions and have enjoy our articles on crystals.

If you are looking to buy crystals from our online crystal store know that we have many more natural crystals than the crystal store shows - send us your "wish list" and we'll send you photos of what we have. You can visit us to personally to select your crystals in Sydney at our physical shops in Crows Nest, Newtown and Castle Hill, as well as Mind Body Spirit Festival and a few annual fairs.

Come often to discover our selection changing and expanding weekly, including Australian grown crystals. Visit The Rock Crystal Shop, Sydney's premier crystal shop for affordable crystals, beautifully energised!

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Red Jasper $15.00  $13.00
Citrine $14.00
Unakite $15.00
Howlite $16.00
Brecciated Jas. $15.00  $13.00
Azurite $16.00

Hearts - Small

We rarely find such small hearts at our suppliers. Here are some sweet small hearts for those who want to carry them in their bags and pockets. And for the young girls who love collecting hearts. They are pink-brown Brecciated Jasper, Red Jasper, blue Azurite in green matrix, yellow-brown Citrine and white Howlite (photographed howlite is sold but similar is orderable now). Unakite hearts are as per second photo. Dimensions are for the Red Jasper heart.

Healing Properties of Brecciated Jasper (Brecceated Jasper or Bracciated Jasper)

With its uplifting, rejuvenating energy encourages mental clarity, mental focus and feelings of deep happiness. It is also believed to absorb negative energy allowing you to develop a positive outlook on life. Makes ready for conflicts, helps regain foothold after defeat. Eases resolving of conflicts and helps make up for damages. Rejuvenates and revitalises and stimulates circulation. More about jasper.

Healing Properties of Red Jasper

Supreme nurturer it protects against negativity, helps you ground to the Earth energies while gently stimulating too. Works on the physical body and aligns the chakras to promote a sense of well-being. Enhances mental processes, endurance and balance. Promotes assertiveness and sensitivity and so can rectify unjust situations. Play with if worried as calms the emotions. May assisting liver and circulation. More about jasper.

Healing Properties of Howlite

Extremely calming so use for meditation or as antidote to insomnia from an overactive mind. Links into spirit, opening attunementand preparing the mind to receive wisdom so use for past lives too. Formulates ambitions - aiding in their achievement. Teaches patience, helping reduce anger, rage, criticalnessand selfishness. Allows for calmand reasoned communication. Strengthens memoryand stimulates desire for knowledge. May aid balancing calcium levels within the body.

Healing Properties of Unakite

Stone of vision. Facilitates the re-birthing process. Brings unconditional love of humanity, connection and reunion. Helps one determine underlying cause of disease and illness. Assists the environment by bringing calm gentle energy. Stimulates healthy pregnancy. May negate the effects of electromagnetic pollution. More about the healing properties of unakite.

30 mm
31 mm
14 mm
17 g

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