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Buy affordable crystals, beautifully energised!

We have one of the widest ranges of crystals and rocks of any Australian crystal shop. And its growing daily! Buy healing crystals for your personal use, to decorate your home, to give a gift of support to another, even for healing help at the office or school! Explore our gallery of photos, read about the healing properties of crystals and enjoy our crystal articles.

If you are looking to buy crystals from our online crystal shop know that we have many more natural crystals than this crystal shop shows. So send us your "wish list" and we'll send you photos of what we have. You can visit us to personally to select your crystals in Sydney at our physical shops in St Leonards and Newtown, as well as annual fairs and festivals.

Come often to discover our selection changing and expanding weekly, including more Australian crystals.

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Black Obsidian Obelisk

Try something new! Black Obsidian anything is actually really hard to get these days - the reason is most of the deposits are actually now bringing forward obsidian variations that were once rare to get e.g. rainbow obsidian! In fact for the first ten years of selling I didn't even know silver sheen obsidian existed. These black obsidian obelisks (here and at the shops) show amazing mists of silver. Not real silver - just air bubbles that catch the light and throw a silver colour. These towers are popular with the 30+ age group - guys and gals. Buying for someone who already has a lot of crystals? THen this is one unlikely to be in their collection.

Healing Properties of Black Obsidian

Very powerful form - be careful. Protective. Use in environments where a lot of negativity is released to disperse/transmute these energies. Stimulates growth (all levels), urges exploration of unknown to open new horizons. Dissolves emotional blocks and ancient traumas affecting the present, revitalising soul purpose. Helps you to know who you are bringing you face to face with your shadow side and teaches you how to integrate it. Grounds and provides masculine energy. Brings clarity to mind, clears confusion and limited beliefs. More about the healing and general properties of obsidian.

Healing Properties of Silver Sheen Obsidian

Moon mysteries + Fire. Aid to articulate communication to another. Soothing stone if possessive mother issues. Give to person needing an “ego bust” when they blame others for things going wrong! Helps those in high pressure jobs not lose irritability & to stay focused. Removes personal likes / dislikes from decision making. Good energy for social activities. Wonderful scurrying tool when moon shines on it so creates a strong sensing of knowing. May aid pain relief & in emergency surgery situations.

35 mm
35 mm
119 mm
179 g

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