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Buy affordable crystals, beautifully energised!

We have the widest range of crystals in Sydney and possibly of any Australian crystal shop! Buy healing crystals for your personal use, to captivate your geological interest, to decorate your home. Give as gifts of support to others. Consider giving support at the office or at school! Explore our great natural crystal gallery of photos, read our crystals healing properties descriptions and have enjoy our articles on crystals.

If you are looking to buy crystals from our online crystal store know that we have many more natural crystals than the crystal store shows - send us your "wish list" and we'll send you photos of what we have. You can visit us to personally to select your crystals in Sydney at our physical shops in Crows Nest (formerly St Leonards), Newtown and Castle Hill, as well as Mind Body Spirit Festival and a few annual fairs.

Come often to discover our selection changing and expanding weekly, including Australian grown crystals. Visit The Rock Crystal Shop, Sydney's premier crystal shop for affordable crystals, beautifully energised!

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$19.00 $15.00
Smoky Qtz 10mm $24.00  $19.00
Bronzite 10mm $28.00  $20.00
Zebra 10mm $19.00  $15.00
Zebra 12mm $24.00  $18.00

Crystal Bead Bracelets - 10mm Regular Wrist

We are excited to have a much expanded range of spherical bead bracelets. we found a great supplier and get them for less than RRP to you and many that are exclusive to us in Australia. From left to right: good a fabulously intense yet with great clarity Smoky Quartz. Middle is Zebra Jasper (Brazil) and right is Bronzite. Bronzite is quite delightful in that you think you are getting a brown stone and then flecks of golden-bronze colour sparkle at you!

This group are one group of round bead bracelets scattered through the jewellery section of the website. These three are 10mm in diameter. You can now buy 12mm Zebra Stone. These bracelets suit those with smaller to medium wrists. Will not suit young children or men. Dimensions below are for postage calculations only.

Healing Properties of Smoky Quartz

Stone of protection - strong link to Earth. Aids channelling, alleviates nightmares and dream awareness abilities. Gentle neutraliser of negativity helping with elimination and detoxification on all levels bringing in positivity. Relieves fear (of failure, etc) lifts depression or suicidal tendencies and brings emotional calmness. Great for meditation. Assists you to accept your physical and sexual nature so assists passion to flow naturally.More about smoky quartz.

Healing Properties of Zebra Stone (Zebra Jasper)

"The totally unique Zebra Stone has been placed at 600 million years in the Upper Proterozoic era or Pre Cambrian period. The only deposits in the world have been discovered in the East Kimberley region of Western Australia. Red is from iron oxide in this siltstone or claystone." zebrastone website

Healing Properties of Bronzite

Assists indecisiveness and lack of self belief to create inner composure. Offers vigor and inner calm simultaneously. Help you get through the day with cheerfulness. Helps maintain politeness and calm in customer focused workplaces. Protects from psychic attack. May fortify nerves, release cramps and relieve pain. More about the properties bronzite.

90 mm
20 mm
10 mm
30 g

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