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$655.00 $589.50
Availability: Out Of Stock.

Orbicular/Ocean Jasper Sphere - 95mm

This one has found it exciting new home. Only a couple of smaller spheres left! You can see this ocean jasper ball at Crows Nest. We have been advised that the Ocean Jasper mine is closed. This is one of the last top grade pieces. There still is some stock around of a lower grade coming to the market but even that is now hard to get (August 2019). 

This is a different form of Ocean Jasper spheres compared to those from 6 years ago. It comes from the new deposit that is up the coast from that which has now run out. They access it by boat - tricky! Whoever buys it, will find their imagination was fired by this ball into a different dimension than is usual for orbicular ocean jasper. I am intrigued by the fact it works with the Crown chakra.

It has heaps of patterning - you can pretend you have four spheres by just changing it around on its stand! Any cracks is a natural consequence of Earth movements. I feel it to uplift and then earth your expanding energy.The specific chakras I feel this one works with are listed below. 

Healing Properties of Healing Properties of Ocean Jasper (Orbicular Sea Jasper, The Atlantis Stone, Orbicular Agate, Ocean Agate, Orbicular Ocean Jasper)

Stone of renewal and strength. Extremely healing, building love and empathy with self and others. Connects you to nature (sea) and the earth. Use to support pursuits based upon service, helping with re-framing and transmuting the misuse of spiritual power at any time. Helps you accept responsibility and increase your patience. Said to be particularly helpful in assisting in the elimination of toxins, improves the digestive processes and affects the nutritional stabilisation within the body. More about jasper.

Crown; Solar Plexus; Hara-Navel
95 mm
95 mm
95 mm
1145 g

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