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Crazy Lace Agate - Australia

This Australian (Crazy) Lace Agate polished front, natural back specimen is in fact Australian. It comes from the Pilbara region, WA. What's its history? Taken to Arizona trade fair where a blind American gyu polished the front face. He isĀ  pashionate about agates and his whole stall is agates from every where that he has polished. I buy my Blue Lace Agate speciments from him each trip and I always ask "is there another stone to come home. Every year its "no" until this visit. I felt the most incredible sadness suddenly come from his stall. It made me teary. I cleared the energy (in case I was imagining it) and again asked. Again incredible sadness overcame me. So I felt till I found which agate was so calling out emotionally. This most beautiful piece was the one and it was home sick. It wanted to come home to Australia. I feel its energies very linked to the Aboriginal people and like them it is a fish out of water when it was overseas. It doesn't mind who in Australia connects to it as its friendĀ  (metaphysical or geological) as long as it does not leave Australia again. Someone can probably tell me better what was really going on - but that was an extraordinary experience - one I will treasure. Its not meant to stay with me - so are you the Lace Agate's forever friend? It is bright and bubbly in anticipation. You can see this crystal at Newtown.

Healing Properties of Crazy Lace Agate

Properties of agate but more strongly aligned to the physical assistance. Adds vitality to help lift self so emotional and mental drains can more easily be resolved. Also brings physical bio-rhythmic lows back to balance and steady state. Helps one to laugh and to comprehend the games of the world. More about agate.

Capricorn; Pisces; Gemini; Libra; Sagittarius
Thymus; Hara-Navel; Sacral; Base-Root; Earth Star
120 mm
80 mm
43 mm
315 g