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During COVID-19 please ring us  if you cannot come, don't want to come or we get shut down. While we have a good range on the website we have heaps more at the shops we can send photos of and do orders over the phone. We still will work out of the shop doing various projects. You can pick up, deliver ourselves, or we will get a courier ... shipping costs reduced or free (depends on your location and $ spent). For on-line purchases we will add in an intuited gift as our thanks equal to 10% of your spend as we will close this version of the website in April.  Read more about shipping discounts.

Buy affordable crystals, beautifully energised!

We have the widest range of crystals in Sydney and possibly of any Australian crystal shop! Buy healing crystals for your personal use, to captivate your geological interest, to decorate your home. Give as gifts of support to others. Consider giving support at the office or at school! Explore our great natural crystal gallery of photos, read our crystals healing properties descriptions and have enjoy our articles on crystals.

If you are looking to buy crystals from our online crystal store know that we have many more natural crystals than the crystal store shows - send us your "wish list" and we'll send you photos of what we have. 

You can visit us to personally to select your crystals in Sydney at our physical shops in Crows Nest (formerly St Leonards), Newtown and a few annual fairs.

Come often to discover our selection changing and expanding weekly, including Australian grown crystals. Visit The Rock Crystal Shop, Sydney's premier crystal shop for affordable crystals, beautifully energised!

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$19.00 $14.00
Shungite $21.00  $15.00
Rhodonite $24.00  $18.00
Pyrite $30.00  $25.00
Bronzite $24.00  $17.00
Labradorite 19 $19.00  $14.00

Crystal Bead Bracelets - 8mm Medium Wrist

We have a refreshed and expanded range of round bead bracelets - most exclusive to The Rock Crystal Shop and all are natural crystals. These bracelets are 18.5cm end-to-end of beads of about 8mm and suit those with medium wrists like mine - as I swivel my wrist the bracelets can move. 

Bracelets from left to right are:

  • Rhodonite 18cm end-to-end
  • Bronzite 19cm end-to-end
  • (Iron) Pyrite 18cm end-to-end
  • Shungite still out of stock in this size
  • Labradorite 19cm end-to-end - this is as per photo

The bronzite, labradorite and pyrite bracelets are great examples of their family type - lots of sparkle. The rhodonite and shingite are also wonderful examples. These are stock items as all are near identical to photographed ones. Will not suit young children or larger wrists. If you need looser or tighter let me know in comments field when you order. Dimensions below are for postage calculations only.

Healing Properties of Bronzite

Assists indecisiveness and lack of self belief to create inner composure. Offers vigor and inner calm simultaneously. Help you get through the day with cheerfulness. Helps maintain politeness and calm in customer focused workplaces. Protects from psychic attack. May fortify nerves, release cramps and relieve pain.More about the properties bronzite.

Healing Properties of Rhodonite

True stone of love. Activates and energizes the Heart chakra and conveys the resonance of unconditional love to the physical plane. Aids self esteem, confidence and maximizes ones potential. Alleviates confusion, anxiety, and mental unrest. Eases physical and emotional trauma. Improves reflexes and energy levels. Helps make fine distinctions in people rather than bad judgments.

Healing Properties of Labradorite

Gives strength of will and a feeling of inner worth. Strengthens and protects aura. Facilitates transformation of intuition into intellectual thought. Elevates consciousness and connection with Universal energies. Said to represent the ‘temple of the stars’ and assists understanding of the destiny one has chosen. More about the properties of labradorite.

Healing Properties of Shungite

Highly concentrated carbon. More than 2 billion years old before organic matter existed. Maybe from meteorite hit that may have created life on Earth. Contains almost all minerals in the periodic table. Profoundly earthy and anti-geopathic stone. Clears out mental emotional pollutants so fresh patterns can imprint. Transforms water into biologically active life-enhancing substance said to absorb anything hazardous to health - pesticides, free radicals, EMF emissions etc. Powerful aid to immune system. More about the properties of shungite.

Healing Properties of Pyrite (Iron Pyrite, Fool's Gold)

Defending stone, strengthens aura and repels negativity on physical, etheric and emotional level. Helps you see behind facades and understanding beneath words and actions. Symbolises warmth and presence of sun, promoting love, friendship and happiness. Promotes flawless health, intellect and emotional well-being. Said to help with repair / protection of DNA damage, bones and cells. More about iron pyrite.

90 mm
20 mm
10 mm
30 g

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