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Sacred Geometry Set - large

 I have been on the look out for Sacred Geometry sets in a larger size. This is the third year out of five that I succeeded. This larger sized set is in Smoky Quartz. And I have a similar in even larger size for $515. The Smoky Quartz geometric shapes were carved in Brazil. The energy bodies are said to be made up of geometries and working with each of this individually, in pairs of threes can allow you to repair and upgrade you fields.

These also have been sold to lovers of platonic solids - mathematicians, architects and engineers.

The last larger set was sold to a twin flame couple to help them overcome their obstacles (twin flame reflections can be very intense) and as theirunion grows to ground the divine union energies in the Earth for others ready to receive.

Look at the photos carefully as there are some natural colour changes in a couple of geometries. I know who ever buys this set will feel the crystals through the photos and "know" its theirs! Its going to be outstanding to work with geometries to heal and expand you energy bodies. Use the $1 coin as a size guide in the photos e.g. the cube is 35mmx35mmx34mm and weighs 113g. Ignore the dimensions as that's for packaging. The overall weight is 496 g.  You can see this set and the other set at St Leonards. These are of high quality - if you need precision-shapped please inspect for yourself.

Healing Properties of Smoky Quartz

Stone of protection - strong link to Earth. Aids channelling, alleviates nightmares and dream awareness abilities. Gentle neutraliser of negativity helping with elimination and detoxification on all levels bringing in positivity. Relieves fear (of failure, etc), lifts depression or suicidal tendencies and brings emotional calmness. Great for meditation. Assists you to accept your physical and sexual nature so assists passion to flow naturally. More about smoky quartz.

Set of 5 Platonic Solids (Sacred Geometry)

The Greek Plato, c. 350 B.C.E., equated five Solids with five Elements: Cube = Earth, Icosahedron = Water, Tetrahedron = Fire, Octahedron = Air, Dodecahedron = Ether, make up of constellations & heavens. Crystals grow to these geometries (and other shapes).

Said to be building blocks of our energy bodies. Spin the one that draws your attention thru energy field for assistance.

150 mm
150 mm
70 mm
600 g

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