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Fairs, Expos & Festivals

Fairs, Expos & Festivals

Enjoy shopping for crystals, rocks and fossils on the following dates

To make shopping easy:

  • We have EFTPOS facilities.
  • I, Shamarah, offer a crystal intuitive service (free) if you are not sure what to get for yourself or another.
  • And we provide information cards for you purchases (except items under $5).
  • Can bring special requests from the physical shop if we are given more than 24 hours notice and its not too large or delicate.

Please check our website on the day (after 10 am) in case bad weather or illness has led to us cancelling.

Our Customer Service

No matter by which means you want to buy from us

We love our crystals and want you to have a similarly great experience. We can talk geologically, psychologically, decoratively and energetically about them. We love helping those taking their first steps in experiencing the wonder of crystals and rocks, through to those who have been collectors for decades!

We do our very best to ensure you know which crystals are natural, heat-treated, coloured, bonded or man-made. If you visit our physical store at St Leonards, we have a variety of the fakes to help you identify them for yourself when you are out and about.

We are happy to intuit the right crystal for your needs (and those for whom you are buying). Many happy customers have used this free service when buying from our wonderful range! This is offered through fairs, shops and on-line - the later requiring you to phone us.

Please note that the full range of crystals are not available at the fairs because of a lack of space (for example: too big, too delicate, too specialised). We do not bring books or cards. Phone or email at least 24 hours before the event and we will do our best to bring it along.

So visit our crystal store on-line or physical shop for your needs in crystals, rocks, fossils, jewellery and metaphysical books!

We also offer personal energy healing, past life regressions and house cleansing/blessings.

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