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We welcome any inquiries about crystals you are looking for, but cannot find in the e-store. Contact Us for physical locations.

Buy affordable crystals, beautifully energised!

We have one of the widest ranges of crystals and rocks of any Australian crystal shop. And its growing daily! Buy healing crystals for your personal use, to decorate your home, to give a gift of support to another, even for healing help at the office or school! Explore our gallery of photos, read about the healing properties of crystals and enjoy our crystal articles.

If you are looking to buy crystals from our online crystal shop know that we have many more natural crystals than this crystal shop shows. So send us your "wish list" and we'll send you photos of what we have. You can visit us to personally to select your crystals in Sydney at markets or at St Leonards. Come often to discover our selection changing and expanding weekly, including more Australian crystals.