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Payments, Refunds, Lay-by

Payments, Lay-by and Refunds

Prices shown in this area include Australia's 10% GST (Goods & Services Tax) which overseas shoppers do not need to pay. Within each product's description it shows non-GST prices.

The on-line shop does not actually process payment at time of purchase. This is to protect you and keep costs down!

Once you have placed an order, we will confirm the stock is available and the final price based on what postage or freight is appropriate. If you are near Lane Cove you may want to save some dollars and pick up the goods.

We accept payment by:

  • If you pick up:
  • Cash
  • Credit/Debit card
  • Direct debit - collect once funds have cleared
  • If you require shipping:
  • Direct debit - if you can transfer money to an Australian bank account
  • Cheque - Australian banks/credit unions only if you are willing to waiting extra time for dispatch while we wait for the cheque to clear
  • Credit/Debit card - once we send you an invoice
  • Paypal .. if requested

We will ship on Fridays unless you advise there is urgency.

We accept most major credit / debit cards, however not Diners or Amex.

Lay-by or lay-aways - Special Event conditions

Understanding that funds are not always available when the perfect piece appears to buy, we are happy to offer lay-by.

Conditions are are you spend over $500 (not including shipping) and commit to completing payments as follows:

  • within 2 months for amounts under $1500. At least one instalment payment (1/2 of the outstanding balance) by end of month 1 and the balance end of month 2
  • within 3 months for amounts $1501-$3000. At least one instalment each month of 1/3 of the ourstanding balance until balance paid at end of month 3.
  • within 4 months for amounts $3001 and above. At least one instalment each month of 1/4 of the ourstanding balance until balance paid at end of month 4.

You can do part payments of smaller amounts during the month as long as by teach month you have reached the conditions above.

We offer this at no additional charge but as it is a lay-by, we will not ship until all payment has been received (including shipment fee). You will need to advise us of each deposit you make via e-mail if you direct deposit and when you feel you've completed the purchase so there is no misunderstanding. You can also make payments over the phone or organise to pay via Paypal rather than come into the shop.

If after this time you cannot complete the purchase we will refund what you have paid less 20% restocking fee of the full price (you contracted to) for what was being held. Why? To discourage impulse buying which loses us the chance to sell to someone else for all those months.


Refunds are not offered unless what is received does not match website or email descriptions - this includes absorbing postage costs if its our mistake. Exchanges are available but additional postage costs is responsibility of purchaser.

Overseas purchasers: It will be your responsibility to check whether your country allows crystals (minerals) to be imported and to pay any taxes and duties required.

Postage, import restrictions and insurance

Compiling a base guide of postage rates took some time and is still a guide. On the whole I have quoted high and hope the real cost for you is less.

We are not charging time to package, just the freight and the box. If the box required is larger than I've quoted then I'll be asking for additional payment.

I have included registered mail as this ensures delivery to the person and includes a $A500 or so insurance cover.

For example

  • for Australians, if you are in a capital city and not a regional are postage will drop $3+.
  • for Overseas people, if your parcel is small and at the about 3kg it is likely to be less than the "up to 10kg" range I quote.

Postage is extremely expensive from Australia so if you want to buy and know your courier services are much cheaper (e.g. USPS/UPS from the USA) you may chose to organise to "import" from your end and find out the price for a "pickup" from Australia.

Overseas purchasers: It will be your responsibility to check whether your country allows crystals (minerals) to be imported and to pay any taxes and duties required.


It is your responsibility to check that your country will allow this product(s) to be imported. Here is what Australia Post has on-line about this to help you. If something should bounce back to Australia as it is not permitted, then Without Barriers Pty Ltd will refund the cost of the product(s) but not the postage costs.

A condition of sale is when you purchase from us there is no liability with Without Barriers Pty Ltd regarding you importing a product you bought from this company.

Our company does not take any liability for goods lost in transit. We have selected Australia Post in the belief that transport services are of high quality and "registered" mail to better protect the product's arrival to you.