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Picking Crystals Part 1

Hi there!

I know it can be really heard to pick a crystal (or two) to buy among the hundred on display. And some times our friends and parents wish we would hurry up because we are taking a long time.

Here's some ideas to make it easier for you.

  1. You choose what you like looking at ... not what other friends or family say. If you don't really like it then you won't enjoy playing with it. And that would be a shame for the crystal and your pocket money?
  2. If you want to play with the crystal -ask the shop owner if the crystal is suitable to play with. Some crystals will break easily and are better put on a shelf and looked at.
  3. Ask the shop owner (like me) if you can place the crystals you seem to like (and check they are in your price range) in one place on the table / counter. So then as you see a crystal rather than trying to remember where it is, you can place it in your spot and continue to look at others. When you finish looking at everything, you know what you liked as they are now all together and you can then select your final crystal or two or three ... to purchase.
  4. If you are buying for yourself, then hold in your mind "is this one best for me?" If you are buying for someone else like your Mum for Mother's Day (reminder: May 12 2013), then hold in your mind "is this one best for me to give to Mum?"
  5. Hold a crystal one at a time against your heart and let your heart feel its energy. Some will feel "dead" or not good - put those ones back. Some will feel good and that you want to keep holding and looking at - these are the ones to consider buying.
  6. If you really like a crystal but its out of your price range, suggest to your parents / grand parents / adults with you, that this is a crystal you would love to get for a special occasion like your birthday, or that you would like to save up for and buy.

We understand that you love crystals and you want lots. But remember: never take a crystal without paying even if its fallen on the ground - would you like someone to take your special things as theirs - never to give them back to you?

  • Next month we'll discuss how to buy a crystal that is beyond your price range.


IMG 0167 Jaspers and Obsidian

IMG 0701

jet tar bettles shark teeth