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My Very First Crystals

Here are the very first crystals I owned as best as I can remember. I probably collected rocks on the beach but they are long gone.

They are made of green and brown onyx and they were a birthday present from my aunt and uncle when I was twelve. They bought them as book-ends because I read lots and lots of books.

They spend many years on my book shelf holding up books. When I owned my own homes they sat as a pair back to back because they were so pretty.

They always remind me of the Knights on a chess board.

And being horse heads they always remind me to have courage in what I am doing.

I noticed today that one of them is wobbly so I need to glue the bottom on again - they are after all more than 30 years old!

These days they sit on the carpet covering up a hole. They actually look nice their and friends say they are helping the energy of the room circulate better.

When I get new carpet, they can go find a new place to work their magic.