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My Favourite Crystal

Hi kids!

So many of you ask me at markets what are my favourite crystals ... and that's a tough question for me. I love so many of them.

So when I thought about it, the only way to do this fairly is to see what I collect the most often.

I notice, that excluding tumble stones, I have more clear quartz crystals than anything else.


Well, firstly, they come from all around the world.¬¬†And I find that they "feel" different from each country. Those from India feel soft and gentle. Those from the USA feel sparkley and ready to get to work. Brazilian clear quartz sparkles like a happy child that wants to remind me to play.

Secondly I think the look fantastic whether they are clear or cloudy in colour, whole or broken. The ones that break (e.g. because of an earthquake) can grow back together and have funny humps, bumps and angles on them. They are called "self healed" quartz.

And also they grow so very differently - some are really clear, some have lots of clay and other minerals caught in them as they grew. Some have a point at the top and some have a flat edge. Some have 5 sided edges on their faces, some 6, some 7 and some have 8!

You can get them as single points, or as twins, or whole big groups of crystals that grew together!

Some are tiny (called druzy) and some are HUGE!!!!!! (If you put a huge one on your desk it might break it!)

I could go on and on and on and on ...

So here instead are photos of clear quartz - most¬¬†of these I own! And here are even more ...

33 Clear Quartz Egyptian WS

Dropped but now it has an Egyptian Mummy!


Love all the different ways the crystals grew with each other


From my trip to Mexico


This is from Russia

491 Quartz Sth Africa A

And this is from S.Africa - the deepest mine to find quartz in the world

530 d

This USA piece was the one that starred in ABC's Catalyst last September


Lovely - perfect dow shape