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My African Adventure

To anyone considering a trip to South Africa, Kenya and Tanzania ... yes, go! It was a great trip and these days, while airfares chew up a big part of the cost, the Safari components go from luxury to basic. And we experienced them all!

Most of Africa seems animal mad. 90% of the tourist momentos were of the wild animals and birds. National Parks and National Reserves are dotted every where. And despite wondering how I could possibly enjoy six safaris - I did. Each one has a very different feel and most have something speciality to separate them from the rest. Amboseli national Park - huge numbers of elephants. Ngorongoro crater - vast herds easily visible on the plains.

Tanzanian people were especially friendly. And each of the three countries made it interesting to experience the wealthy smack bang beside the poor. Be aware that bargaining for what you want is expected and you can get overwhelmed in their eagerness to sell you their wares.

This was a tourist adventure with of course a spiritual component. And that was to really let the energies of the birds, animals, geology and plants into my consciousness and energy. Initially a little frustrated that some of my friends were bird watching nutters, I discovered that you were never disappointed to see birds. There are heaps - every where. And their songs and colours were truly amazing. And once you started to enjoy the birds, you slowed down (literally and figuratively) and were able to see the animals that a faster car would have zoomed right by.

Geologically it was a surprise to find the elephants, lions, rhinos, antelopes and hippos not just in a savana plain, but in green hills, craters, and marsh lands. Way too many TV shows that were set in dry land - took a bit of getting used to!

For the crystals and rock lover - not actually much to find in crystals - quite expensive at the few tourist shops I found some in. And most of Keny and Tanzania seemed to be volcanic origins - so pumice and obsidian - not even attractive. Most jewellery were in cow horn or bone and some in hematite. But there was one surprise - a museum and toilet block all build of the local quartz - just as if it was any other building materials! This was at Olduvai Gorge which is were the evidence of the first humans to stand upright were found. I have pieces of some of the rocks if you want to have a look.

I did find a section on crystals in a museum so spent some time studying crystal structure - but forgot the answers now! And found a company making tumbles and grading them. Have put the video on YouTube.

Enjoy the photos.

In love and light, Shamarah.

Crystal Carvings

Wild animal carvings in serpentine

Crystal Learning

Learning about crystal growth

Crystal Loo

The crystal toilets

RhinosLion PrideGiraffesLion Hyena

Elephant GiselleElephant orphanage


Crystal Tumbles

Crystals being tumbled


Pumice from old volcanic erruption on road side

Vervet monkeys