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Malachite Elephant - Large

Yummy Malachite looks never better than in this Africa Elephant. Yes its not delicately carved but that's because malachite is so soft it breaks easily. And this is the really malachite - not synthetic. Look at the subtle patterning! The elephant is trumpeting along as it walks to let all know its glorious nature. On a recent trip to Africa, we just couldn't drive past an elephant - they are soooo majestic, so social, so full of character. After hundreds of elephants up close, we still stopped for 20 minutes at least whenever we found one. And here is the chance to have this glorious malachite beast in your home or office forever! Its been with us for a while hence the discount and there does seem to be a patching on its back - malachite is full of natural holes and crevasses - hence the extra discount. There is another large elephant and lion at Crows Nest.

Healing Properties of Malachite

"Restorer of Life" - higher evolved stone of the heart. Helps release dormant & suppressed energies of the Heart at a pace attuned to your own growth. Assists one in changing situations, breaks worn out patterns & unwanted ties. Helps inner child feel supported & loved so the hurts can heal. Great to absorb negativity but needs regular cleaning. Excellent balancer on all levels. Revitalises body & mind. Aids sleep. More about the healing properties of malachite.

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Thymus; Heart; Heart Seed; Solar Plexus; Hara-Navel
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