Turquoise Earrings - SilverAmazonite Ring
$24.00 $19.00
Rose Quartz $24.00  $19.00
Rhodonite $29.00  $23.00
Amazonite $28.00  $22.00
Morganite-Aquamarine $56.00  $48.00

10mm Crystal Bracelet - Large Wrist

This range has been so appreciated by men and women with large wrists that we have estended the range again. Specially made - larger-than-average-wrist sized crystal bracelets. All natural crystals on elastic. The beads are 10mm and the bracelet would be 21 mm if the beads were placed end to end. You can see they hang very loosely on my average wrist - definately too loose for me. They have been selling to many people who find the bracelets everywhere else too tight. Please note, that unfortunately there still is the occasional person where these are still not large enough.

Crystals from left to right are:

  •  Amazonite - matt (i.e. unpolished) (lower grade but earthier so even appeals to men)
  •  Rhodonite (lower grade in black and pink but earthier so even appeals to men) It is actually Rhodonite and Manganese.
  •  Rose Quartz
  •  Beryl - Morganite-Aquamarine (some also with a bead or two of-Heliodore) (grade A)

All stock looks pretty well identical to these photos! Quality is great. Can see also see these bracelets at the fairs and shops. Ignore dimensions below as for packaging. Use description and photos as the guide.

Healing Properties of Rose Quartz

Emotional healer as stone of unconditional love. Releases unexpressed emotions and heartache. Helps alleviate negative thought forms and energies, reducing stress. Assists one to appreciate all things great and small as it enhances love, confidence and creativity. Can increase fertility as Heart opens to self nurture, forgiveness and compassion. May help strengthen physical heart, chest and lungs. More about rose quartz.

Healing Properties of Amazonite

Stone of Harmony - within self and among people. Extremely soothing – good for trauma, worry and fear. Supports the feminine self. Opens Heart, Throat and Third Eye to help you communicate true thoughts and feelings without being overly emotional. Develops intuition and dream symbolism/meditation aid to see truth and to integrate all aspects. Assists manifestation by affirming of truer intentions. Place between you and electrical pollution. May assist with calcium deficiencyand muscle spasms, and calming brain and nervous system.

Healing Properties of Rhodonite

Aids self esteem, confidence and maximises ones potential. Alleviates confusion, anxiety, and mental unrest. Eases physical and emotional trauma. Improves reflexes and energy levels. Helps make fine distinctions in people rather than bad judgements.

Healing Properties of Manganese

Mn - native element. Assists in bonding, brings others closer and activates energies of cooperation. Helps one with resolve, such as what one starts, one completes,  even the final inch is done. Stimulates spontaneity, enhances positivity and inspires true creativity. Has a grounding effect - balancing emotions and physical body. When in crystalline form all these qualities above are strengthened and brings connection between Conscious self and Angelic realm. Said to diminish free radical oxides, increased metabolic rate and stimulate, and bring relief from headaches, muscular and joint stiffness.

Healing Properties of Morganite (Pink Beryl)

"Morganite is an activator, cleanser and stimulator for the Heart Chakra. It helps to bring love into ones life and maintain that love as it continues to grow. Morganite brings the actualisation of gain to ones life gain and supplementation of that which is required to cultivate the spirit and to allow one to consciously align the personality with the ethereal soul. It stimulates the transmittal of interpersonal wisdom from ones guides. Morganite also stimulates creativity in issues of self control, assisting one to act from love. It opens the door to those vital currents which activate and energise loving thoughts and actions. Powerful love stone!" CrystalWiki

Healing Properties of Aquamarine (green-blue Beryl)

Stone of courage. Calming, reduces stress and quietens mind. Invokes tolerance of others, gives support to those overwhelmed by responsibility. Clarifies perception, sharpens the intellect and clears confusion. Promotes self-expression. Sharpens intuition and opens clairvoyance. Shields the aura and aligns the chakras. Helps throat issues and discomfort, boosts the immune system. More about aquamarine.




100 mm
25 mm
15 mm
40 g

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