Ocean Jasper Free FormClear Quartz Cluster - Peru
Right $54.00
Middle $90.00
Left $378.00  $340.20

Auralite-23 Amethyst with Green

Auralite-23 has been introduced to us by Robert Simmons and its from a scared Cave area in Canada. It looks a lot like regular chevron amethyst - in fact it is. But the chevron amethyst from India is a darked purple and the chevron amethyst from Brazil is a bright medium purple and the energies quite different. The current stock has come from a distributor of who buys these as the "local chap" to the mine so its has not gone via Robert Simmons and hence the price is less. This third group was really exciting as "green amethyst" aka prasolite was part of the structure - rare combo. So these will powerfull add link, balancing and expanding the heart-mind connection.

I intuited the each piece but their friends haven't been found here in the shops so we will try the website. A blind test I did on a friend, had her identify the Canadian crystals as feeling a higher vibration than India's. She'd never seen or felt either type. Please be aware that some shops may be getting regular chevron amethyst from India and think its Auralite-23. Dimensions are for the largest. Smaller is 40g and one side is not as clearn of inclusions as the other two. Middle is 67g. We have some others at Crows Nest. Tumbles at all shops and website.

Healing Properties of Auralite-23

Connects to it's keeper like a twin spirit reading into its keeper's spirit, searching and highlighting that which could be improved. And that which can benefit from healing or clearance giving support and help to light the way to sources that can be of benefit. More about Auralite 23 and amethyst.

Crown; Brow-Third Eye; Earth Star
110 mm
45 mm
36 mm
207 g

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