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Elipse Stone Pendant - rare

Got this in a treasure box of goodies I bought from a supplier getting out of the cyrstal business to focus on coaching. And to my relief found it in Judy Hall's Volume 3 as Elipse Stone from Indonesia. The yellow and orange is orpiment and the background seems a mix of agate and maybe a touch of calcite and jasper. I have never seen it before and Judy says its rare. It is mounted in a silver plate on copper wire wrap. See this at Crows Nest.

The orpiment is definitely toxic and not for handling without care. Not a piece for children. Do your own research about this stone. If holding directly wash your hands. Energetically I keep finding these crystals to be outstanding for the solar plexus - being a person who regularly blocks mine up! No wonder its to help establish the Crone energy - its also getting me deepinto the deeper (darker) aspects of the Divine Feminine through the black.

Healing Properties of Elipse Stone

Excellent for the Crone phase of life. The Crone is the wise post-menopausal woman, the high priestess who holds ancient wisdom and was once revered by the tribe, Helps you reclaim this power and your new place in society. Works similarly for men and women during mid-life crisi, redundancy and retirement - resentment, jealousy, hatred, confusion are dissolved. Strenegthens you for life's changes - help you become clear about what you want to plan for your life ahead and its aligment to your Soul's journey.

Healing Properties of Orpiment

Stimulates the intellect, reasoning abilities and "logic" centres. Cleanses the solar plexus. Excellent for study situations or investigating a course of action. Protects against intrusion in your environment. More about orpiment.

Capricorn; Aquarius; Aries; Gemini; Leo; Virgo; Scorpio; Sagittarius
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