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Kambaba Stone Bracelet - Medium Wrist

Kambaba Stone is one of those crystals where I wished I was in a time machine to watch how they form. Very similar in look to Nebula Stone, it is black on green vs the green on black but energetically is very similar. And a Kamaba Jasper bracelet is a bracelet that no one will mistake for glass or plastic - its so unique in its look! This past month we have had a run on Kamamba Jasper of all times. People find themselves ready for the higher level activation of the Heart and Earth Star in the new frequencies now here (Nov 2018).

Healing Properties of Kambaba Stone (Kambaba Jasper, Tortoise Shell Jasper)

"Guardian of the forest" helps you see the power of nature more vividly and promotes growth in all areas of your life path. Helps you to paint pictures through spoken word so that it is a true reflection of what is meant. Helps attract respect of others and material wealth. Aids the ability for endurance, patience, and stamina. Helps you access collective ancestral spirits to gain information about lineage, folklore, and similar. May assist: agoraphobia, water retention, dehydration, menopause, pregnancy and birth. More about the properties of kambaba stone.

Pisces; Libra
Thymus; Heart; Heart Seed
95 mm
20 mm
10 mm
28 g