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Unakite, Epidote Feldspar

Metaphysical Healing Properties of Unakite, Epidote Feldspar

Balance, Release, Spiritual Insight

  • Stone of Vision.
  • Balances emotions with spirituality.
  • Good to use after channelling or meditation to help ground what's needed.
  • Brings gentle calm to the space.
  • Helps uncover the root cause of dis-ease so it can surface and be transformed.
  • Placed on the Third Eye, opens it and promotes visualisation and psychic vision.
  • Great for past life work to gently release the old conditions that inhibit personal development / spiritual growth by providing new perspectives to allow.
  • Assists the environment by bringing calm gentle energy.
  • May negate the effects of electromagnetic pollution if placed on top of or close by.
  • Geological/Historical Information

  • Granite of pink orthoclase feldspar, colourless quartz and green epidote - more geological information.
  • Special Notes

  • India's version is peach and dark-green/black.
  •  Unakite tumbles Unakite Generators