Tiger's Eye, Tigers Eye, Tiger Eye, Pietersite

Metaphysical Healing Properties of Tiger's Eye

Protection, Creativity, Balance

  • Protection stone against ill will, it shows the correct use of power and brings out integrity.
  • Combines energies of the earth and sun to a high vibration and grounds them.
  • Helps soften and release stubbornness, bringing clear insight and perception.
  • Aids in recognising own faults, releasing self criticism and internal conflict
  • Balances energies and energising the emotional body to lift moods and relieve depression.
  • Helps with poor self-worth and blocked creativity helping with recognition of one's talents and abilities.
  • May assist with broken bones and eye, throat and reproduction difficulties dissolving constrictions.

Geological/Historical Information

Special Notes

  • Red colour - Usually is heat treated to get colour

Tigers Eye - Golden Towers Golden Tigers Eye

Additional Properties of Varieties

Red Tigers Eye

Red or Cherry Tiger's Eye

Vitality, Confidence, Motivation

  • Excellent stone for public oratory, presentations, etc.
  • Enhances confidence in oneself and the subject being presented.
  • Allows clarity of though to be projected with profound sensitivity to the needs of the audience.
  • Allows for one to transition into descriptions which carry meaning and depth, as well as understanding to the audience.
  • Teaches us to be energetic in a composed and serene manner.
Special Notes
  • This is heat treated golden tiger's eye

Blue Tigers Eye

Blue Tiger's Eye

Soothing, Emotional Balance, Clarity

  • Very soothing stone, generating calmness.
  • Helpful specifically in the areas of the Throat and Third Eye and Crown chakras
  • Opens and aligns the higher chakras benefit the overall clarity of voicing, seeing and acting with integrity.
  • Provides insights into internal, emotional or mental issues.
  • Provides for a balance of the yin and yang energies, allowing for a smooth flow.
  • Can program to increase ones abundance flow and keep it in the flow if intention is pure.



Those with good blue colour in with the browns are now hard to get as sourced from China which closed mine when 4 Dam project implemented and flooded it.