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Tiger Iron

Metaphysical Healing Properties of Tiger Iron

Grounding, Increases energy/stamina, Creative Solutions

  • Protects from danger helping the passage through change to a safe place.
  • Assists all creative endeavours as brings out inherent abilities.
  • Promotes beauty and vitality - great for those who are deeply exhausted (physically, mentally or emotionally).
  • Helps change by opening a space to contemplate what's needed and supplying the energy to take action.
  • May assist with the blood (toxin eliminating, balance white-red blood cells), assimilating B vitamins.

Geological/Historical Information

  • Composition: Jasper + Hematite + Tiger's Eye - more geological information.
  • Australia has the best examples.

Special Notes

  • Australian Banded Tiger Eye actually shows all three component and should be called Tiger Iron.
  • Tiger Iron Slice  Tiger Iron Heart Tiger Iron Slice Tiger Iron Slice