Smoky Quartz, Smokey Quartz

Metaphysical Healing Properties of Smoky Quartz

Removes Negativity, Grounding, Transformation

  • Efficient grounding and anchoring stone while raising vibration during meditation.
  • Stone of protection with strong link to Earth and base chakras so promotes concern for environment and ecology.
  • Gentle neutraliser of negativity helping with elimination and detoxification on all levels brining in positivity.
  • Relieves fear (of failure, etc), lifts depression/suicidal tendencies and brings emotional calmness.
  • Alleviates nightmares and manifests your dreams.
  • Dissolves contradictions, promotes positive pragmatic thoughts and helps clear the mind (for meditation etc).
  • Assists you to accept your physical and sexual nature and so assists with getting passion to flow naturally.

Geological/Historical Information

  • The smoky colour results from free silicon and aluminium naturally irradiated.
  • Most people know the brown variety. There is also grey smoky quartz - more geological information here and here.

Special Notes

  • Unfortunately more and more is being artificially gamma irradiated. You will only know by being suspicious as to the mine it came from or the matrix of minerals with it e.g. be careful of cheap smoky quartz from the USA or China - usually looks unusually dark and opaque. However Morian Quartz is a very dark natural quartz.

Additional Properties of Varieties

Smoky Arenite, Smoky Garden Quartz, Smoky Landscape Quartz, Smoky Shamanic Quartz

  • Combination of Garden Quartz and Smoky Quartz
  • Smoky Quartz Double Terminated Brandberg Rutilated Smoky Quartz Smoky Quartz Scepture Elestial Smoky Quartz Elestial Amoky Quartz cluster