Selenite, Gypsum variety Satin Spar, Desert Rose, Fishtail, Swallow's tail, Angel's wing, Alabaster, Gypsum flower, Peach selenite

Metaphysical Healing Properties of Selenite and Gypsum

Angelic/Christ Consciousness, Clarity, Higher Creativity

  • A key stone for the New Age vibrations clearing away the darkness and shadows.
  • Grid with it to hold a peaceful space within and keep out external influences - can promote justice during adjudication of disputes.
  • Provides clarity of mind expanding one's awareness of the self.
  • Assists judgement removing confusion so you can see the deeper picture.
  • Activates higher creativity.
  • Great for nurturing a child (note it splinters so not recommended for a child to play with unless tumbled).
  • May strengthen bones and teeth.

Geological/Historical Information

  • A variety of gypsum and is very soft. Most often colourless and transparent.
  • Mineralogical classification has "Selenite" as the crystalline form of gypsum. For marketing reasons metaphysical people call gypsum variety satin spar - "selenite". More geological information and here.
  • CARE: All: Don’t use in drinking water or for babies/very young to hold as shards may splinter. Geological selenite – easy to break and dissolves in water

Special Notes

  • My experiences with selenite (more geological and spiritual "aha" moments)
  • "Selenite" - comes from the Greek word meaning moon and the Greek Goddess of the moon was Selene.
  • Selenite has a natural thermal composition which makes it warm to touch.
  • Most selenite currently comes from Morocco. But we have stocked different forms from Mexico, China, Australia, USA.

Natural Selenite - Gypsum variety Satin Spar

Selenite Mexico Crystalline Selenite from Mexico

Australian Selenite Crystalline Selenite from South Australia

Additional Properties of Varieties of Selenite

Translucent selenite, white or pearl Gypsum variety Satin Spar

  • Enhances telepathy between two people holding it.
  • Quickly unblocks stagnant energy.
  • A large pure optical fibre piece helps you link to your higher vibrational light bodies and anchor them to the earth for spiritual work and energy healing.
  • Geological: mostly silky, fibrous, and translucent (pearly, milky)
  • Look at these giants of the crystal kingdom:

Polished and Rough Selenite Gypsum variety Satin Spar Polished and Rough Selenite Gypsum variety Satin Spar

SeleniteLampsCOW Satin Spar as lamp towers

Peach Selenite, Tangerine Selenite, Peach gypsum variety Satin Spar

  • Regenerative stone connected to underworld so helps shed light on inner processes and accepting your shadow /hidden self so great for spiritual jump.
  • Powerful karmic cleanser and healer.
  • Draws out abandonment, rejection, betrayal and alienation.
  • Offers healing, forgiveness and acceptance.
  • May aid puberty, menopause and transitions.

Rough Peach Selenite - Gypsum variety Satin Spar Rough Peach Selenite - Gypsum Satin Spar

Desert Rose (Sand Rose) Selenite

  • Barite concretion symbolising all things that are possible, strengthening affirmations of purpose.
  • Helps dissolve self imposed long-term programs especially those linked to anger and resentment, and to find a healthier replacement.
  • Enhances love and stimulates teamwork.
  • Eases panic attacks and claustrophobia.
  • Helps you re-establish lost confidence and to develop hidden talents.
  • Assists children to value themselves especially if low self-image.
  • Tells you to “go for” your dreams without restraint.
  • Encourages development of psychic abilities and creativity.
  • May increase resistance to viral infections, stomach upsets, help prostate / testicular.
  • Geological: outer druse of sand or with sand throughout

Selenite Desert RoseSelenite Desert Rose from Libya

Selenite Desert Rose 2Selenite Desert Rose from Australia

Desert Rose Selenite Mexico Desert Rose from Mexico

Fishtail Selenite (Angel's Wing or Swallow's Tail) Selenite

  • Provides deep healing for nerves.
  • Very calming, it stabilises emotions and defuses tension.
  • Use to access past lives as well as future ones.
  • Geological: twin crystals of Optical Selenite that have grown together

Fishtail Selenite Fishtail Selenite

Golden Selenite (Sunset Gold)

  • Has strong physical energy that facilitates whole body healing.
  • Highly refined form of one already very high vibrational crystal. Golden selenite gently lifts you to another dimension for an overview on life in your source path.
  • Helps align and harmonises your personal will with that of your higher self, your sole intention and your divine plan.
  • Excellent stone to manifesting bringing to you what is highest good for all and a joyful and evolutionary reality.
  • Facilitates highest levels of guidance and soul learning as well is multidimensional and stellar travel.
  • Brings in sunlight and unbounded energy.
  • Said to help with Seasonal Affective disorder, depression and lethargy.

Golden Selenite Sunset Golden Water Selenite from Peru

Optical Selenite

  • Clear layers of Selenite, one on top of the other.

Water Selenite USA Optical Selenite from USA

SeleniteWater Water Selenite from Mexico

Seleniteinclusions Crystalline Selenite (with black inclusions) Mexico

Water Selenite China Water Selenite Wand formation from China

Orange Selenite (Brown Selenite)

  • Earths angelic energies and aids earth healing.
  • Great for placing on the chakras above the head (Soul Star and etc) when laying down.

Brown Selenite Australia