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Kambaba Stone, Kambaba Jasper, Khambaba Stone, Kumbaba Stone, Khumbaba Stone

Metaphysical Healing Properties

Ancestral Past Insights, Growth, Connection to Nature

  • "Guardian of the forest" – helps you see the power of nature more vividly and promotes growth in all areas of your life path.
  • Can give you insights and helps you stay stable and calm if doing "whirling" meditations.
  • Helps you to paint pictures through spoken word so that it is a true reflection of what is meant.
  • Helps attract respect of others, material wealth.
  • Aids the ability for endurance, patience, and stamina.
  • Improves observation skills and appreciation of history.
  • Can help you access future visions.
  • Helps you access collective ancestral spirits to gain information about lineage, folklore, and similar.
  • May aid in the treatment of anxiety agoraphobia, water retention, dehydration, and menopause, may ease pregnancy and birth.

Geological/Historical Information

  • Not a Jasper. Comes from Madagascar.
  • Mineral composition is mainly quartz and feldspar plus crystal violet although other minerals can be there.
  • A puce very similar to Nebula Stone however completely different minerals visually Kambaba is like looking at black/green cells in green algae on water, while Nebula Stone is like seeing green galaxies in the sky

Special Notes

  • Said to have been used in agriculture in the city of capital Ur in Mesopotamia





Additional Properties of Varieties