Hemimorphite, Zinc Silicate

Metaphysical Healing Properties

Ego-less State, Regain Health, Inner Strength

  • Use to decrease self-centredness and to help you go into an ego less state.
  • Helps you take responsibility for feeling happiness or unhappiness when creating your own reality and that you have the power of creating your life as you want it.
  • Helps you be practical and sensible.
  • Helps release hostility and anger soothing emotional irritations and helping you understand from where these came so that you can reduce chance of bringing it again.
  • Stone of luck.
  • Helps your mind to be discerning and for you to be charming.
  • Aids self-esteem by helping you be honest in the reality of your relationships with others.
  • Helps you to grow simultaneously on all levels of existence.
  • Assists you recognise ways that will help you to fully know who you really are and therefore reach a highest potential aiding self – transformation, personal evolution, and regaining health.
  • Also encourages you to develop your inner strengths and resources and so create a joyous creative life.
  • For healers helps you rediscover ancient techniques of healing.
  • May aid in treatment of disorders of the blood and cells including ulcers and herpes. May aid in support for dieting, body maintenance, shaping, and agility.
  • Astrological sign: Libra
  • Vibration: 4

Geological/Historical Information

Special Notes

  • said it help to ward off poisoning and malice in olden days


Hemimorphorite Mexico

Hemimorphorite China 1

Hemimorphorite China 2

Hemimorphorite China 3

Additional Properties of Varieties